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Meet Christi Kennedy Edwards, Wedding Director/Owner
Christi Kennedy Edwards

Wedding Director/Owner

I like to think that my grandmother’s grand vision of what could be and my mother’s dedication to achieving that has brought us to where we are today---A THRIVING BUSINESS! However, that is not enough. My grandmother was a student for life and taught us to always look ahead…to grow…to evolve…to constantly learn because if you did not you were left behind. Having grown up in this business, I am proud and excited to carry on their tradition. To that end, I will continue to push myself and the business to provide impeccable service and to be wholeheartedly committed to our customers. I will continue to ensure that every detail of your wedding experience is perfect—from the minute you speak with our event coordinator to the time you leave under a rain of birdseed. So let our family make your family feel right at home by experiencing the elegance and romance of The Gatehouse.
Denise Kennedy


It is a delight and an honor to be a part of making your own special dreams come true.