The Gatehouse, Tradition of Excellence
Tradition of Excellence! We do things differently, and we do them well.

Welcome to The Gatehouse, a facility of Stage One built especially for the more intimate gatherings. A family owned and operated business, The Gatehouse brings that special southern hospitality that will make any event a memorable one. We learned early on in our 20 years of business that if you want to be noticed above all others then you have to offer what no one else does. We do things differently, AND we do them well.We aspire to provide you with an event that expresses your style, reflects your traditions and delights your guests.

Why Choose The Gatehouse?

KNOWLEDGE: We offer years of experience to pull from and have the information, insight and working knowledge that it takes to create a magical event.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL: You are sure to appreciate the professionalism, organization and complete coordination provided for your event,thus ensuring that every last detail is attended to.

TIME: Planning an event takes an incredible amount of time, especially if you do it right. With our all inclusive packages, all of your planning is done at The Gatehouse, eliminating the need to travel all over Baton Rouge.

AFFORDABILITY: Weddings can be an expensive undertaking. We're here to save you money in the long run.